Growth happens when we push out of our 'comfort zone' - but can we make it a bit easier please?

I've been away for three weeks having an amazing time!

Let me tell you, thinking about getting back into flow, sorting out some upsets, and 'doing' some things that have been far too long in the too hard basket .. it's scary and shitty and basically uncomfortable.

So I've found myself at my fav cafe, coffee and breaky, ostensibly taking it easy with the laptop... WTF? Why am I here, it's certainly super productive like working from my actual office, multi screens super fast internet... and I've got a  bucket of stuff to get through, none of it fun?

[insert blame, guilt, and a good dose of the 'not good enoughs']  

But wait, here I am with my laptop,  doing stuff, making progress and building momentum. 'chilling' at the cafe is maybe not such a bad thing after all, just maybe, there is method here, not madness!

I realise I do this quite a bit and have built my business to support this ability to 'move my space'- at least physically.

On reflection, I've a stack of different 'safe zones' for different tasks that just don't come to me naturally, like sales, strategic planning, and team management...  safe zones are different locations, different people, mentors, or mindsets... and they make it easier for me to 'get out of my comfort zone' and do the stuff. where / when / how do you feel safe or comfortable?  What places, people, or mindsets can you employ deliberately, to make the "uncomfort zone" more comfortable, mores safe, more often, and more consistent, to achieve not only your business goals, but all your dreams and aspirations

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Nick Vlahos wrote:
25 Sep '17 3:46am
at least you were in NewZealand .

I Was in Dubbo
Cate Kemp
Cate Kemp replied with:
25 Sep '17 4:26am
lol - Nick, you're always in all the best places! I hope it was for fun :-)


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